Google analytics problem solution

This is how I solved the problem with Google Analytics not saving setup after I had updated WordPress:

1. Make sure you have a backup of youre database.

2. Get in to phpmyadmin and locate ”wp_options” to the left. Click it.

3. Select ”Visa” / ”Show” (i use swedish language so it might be different if english)

4. Find the row with ”GoogleAnalyticsPP” stated

5. Click ”Ändra” / ”Change” (icon that looks like a pen)

6. Now you se a ”fält” / ”field” caled ”option_value” with some values. Those you delete! (again – backup first).

7. Now its done. Get back to Word press and reset the Goggle for Analytics plugin. It should now work as intended!

Basicaly i did as stated by ”shayzorblade” (tnx by the way) in: